Patients and family assistance

how it works

 Hospice patients and their caregivers can request assistance through Clyde's Hope for anything of legitimate need.  In supporting our mission, Clyde’s Hope Assistance Program aids hospice patients and their family by fulfilling simple quality of life requests that fall beyond the scope of what Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance will cover.  Assistance is provided strictly through fundraising, donations and grants; there is no cost to patients or their families.

Each family situation is unique and we welcome the opportunity to provide assistance.

Our goal is to help ease difficulties that occur during the end of life process, allowing patients and their caregivers to focus on making the most of the time left.

To request assistance, please download our Assistance request forms.

items of service provided by your donations

Plane tickets

Flights for a family member to share the last days of a hospice patient.

 Flights for a family member to share the last days with a hospice patient

Weekly transport


Transportation for a husband to visit his wife in a nursing home



Past due electric bills brought current

Wheelchair ramp


Ramp provided for home access

Family meal


Holiday meal for family gathering


If you would like to be on our provider list for services, please complete our vendor application.