About Clyde's Hope Restored


Mission statement

Clyde's Hope Restored, Inc is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide information, education and support to family caregivers.  In addition, we will help provide assistance to the patient and their families for needs not covered under the Hospice benefit in order to help with their end of life goals.

How it began


In 2004, Susan Rodriguez’s father, Clyde was admitted into hospice. At the time, she did not know what hospice meant; she was only told that her father had six months to live. Susan’s father passed in October that same year.

As fate would have it, a close friend of Susan’s was hired as the executive director of a hospice and asked her to join the organization as an office manager. Being employed by hospice gave Susan an opportunity to learn a great deal about hospice and its mission. When a volunteer coordinator position later opened at the hospice, she saw the opportunity to help patients on a more personal level.

While coordinating the volunteer effort, Susan realized that certain needs of hospice patients were not being covered by Medicare or Medicaid. She was challenged to find ways to help patients. As an employee of a for-profit agency, however, she couldn’t legally coordinate fundraisers for these patients through the hospice. Knowing that she had to find alternative solutions, she decided to start a nonprofit agency, Clyde’s Hope, to raise funds for the unmet needs of hospice patients.

As time passed and life changes occurred, Susan took a different career path allowing for the dissolution of Clyde's Hope.  In 2016 Susan’s mother, Diane, was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  Susan found herself in a full time caregiving position. She was then dealing with the day to day care of her mother, doctors, finances, etc. Her mother passed in March 2017 after being referred to hospice only a month and half earlier. Reflecting on her caregiving experience,  her passion to help educate caregivers and the need for caregiver support reignited. Susan decided to continue the journey ... Clyde’s Hope Restored, Inc.